Goodbye 2015

StarsLooking back on the year, one of the most positive things for me has been keeping this blog going and receiving all the lovely feedback from people who’ve taken a moment to look at it. It’s hard to overstate how important your comments are to me, so thank you!

Another step forward for me recently was finally finishing work on a big project that I’ll be showing off to you in the new year, but for reasons that shall be disclosed I can’t say any more about that just yet. As well as this, I still have plenty of other projects waiting in the wings to make their appearance on the blog and I’m going to be adding a more traditional website section for archiving completed projects.

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Passport photos | Six


Hi folks. This week’s bonus post (as it’s Christmas) will be the last passport drawings of 2015 and my penultimate post of the year (I’ll be squeezing in one more on 31st). These three are of Regina, April and Peri. I’ve got some more passport drawings to do for next year, as there’s been a recent surge in the number of people sending me their photos, but these will be posted up in the new year.

Until next week, I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Passport photos | Five

Here are the latest batch of passport portraits. From left to right: Foo, Carla, Hollie and…can you guess? Yep, its me. Two years old, spaced out, and having my first passport photo taken. I imagine the conversation between my parents would have gone like this:

April: Did you get the passport photographs?

Peri: Yeh, here they are.

April: What?! She looks like a boy!

Peri: Well, I had to do something with her hair.

April: So you did this?

Passport photos | Three

Here are this week’s passport drawings. From left to right we have Emily, Andy, Foo and me again. This week I’ve reached 20 drawings (and yes quite a lot of those are of myself) and it seems likely I’ll be doing plenty more. If you want me to draw your passport photo too, have a read of this post first and then all you have to do is email me a scan or photograph of your passport photo at info at persephone-coelho dot com.

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