These two lovely specimens are from the Oxford Natural History museum, which is filled with a lot of weird and wonderful things in Victorian glass cabinets and absolutely no interactive displays for school children.

I love museums like that. If I had my own museum, it would be something like a cross between the Pitt Rivers museum, the Horniman and the V&A. And I would fill it with all my favourite kinds of things, starting with strange beetles with really long arms.

Self-portrait with paintbrush

selfportraitpaintbrushI just came across this exhibition currently on at the V&A, celebrating contemporary portraiture. They even make mention of the way we present a portrait of ourselves through our passport photographs, which ties in rather nicely with my passport project– very timely indeed! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see this before the exhibition ends in April.

Sticking to the theme of portraiture for this week’s post, here I am showing off my fine, sable, paintbrush moustache.

Passport photos | Ten

Today’s post is a special one as it marks my 40th passport drawing since this project began. I’m so pleased the project has been a success and that so many people engaged with it, but I think it’s time for a change of focus. After today, I won’t be actively seeking any more passport photos to draw, so unless you have already sent yours in, or you ask me nicely, I’ll be winding the project down.

But for now we have Emily on the left, followed by my dapper grandfather Roberto, then Elaine, Sam and Martin.

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Passport photos | Nine

Here are this week’s passport drawings. From left to right are Joe, Fernando, Katie and Martin.

Work on my website is slowly progressing and last week was spent mainly editing photos, writing descriptions and generally tying up loose ends. I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer until the first few projects are ready to be uploaded.