Goodbye 2015

StarsLooking back on the year, one of the most positive things for me has been keeping this blog going and receiving all the lovely feedback from people who’ve taken a moment to look at it. It’s hard to overstate how important your comments are to me, so thank you!

Another step forward for me recently was finally finishing work on a big project that I’ll be showing off to you in the new year, but for reasons that shall be disclosed I can’t say any more about that just yet. As well as this, I still have plenty of other projects waiting in the wings to make their appearance on the blog and I’m going to be adding a more traditional website section for archiving completed projects.

To give you an idea of what else you can expect next year, here are a few of my illustration goals:

  • Based on your feedback to my questionnaire, I’d like to begin a series of short illustrated stories. More details to come.
  • While there are still people sending in their passport photos for me to draw, the passport project will continue!
  • And finally, I’m hoping to open an etsy shop later on in the year to start selling a range of illustrated products that I’ve been designing behind the scenes.

Hopefully, all this will keep me moving towards my ultimate goal of becoming a proper illustrator! Happy New Year everybody!

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