Open for business!

greetingscard_upright_lobsterToday was the day my online shop finally became a reality and opened it’s (virtual) doors to the world. It’s been a long time coming, as I discovered there’s a neverending list of things to do before you can become an etsy seller, but the big day has finally arrived!

To start things off, my collection of British Sea Life greetings cards are now for sale and over the next few days I’ll be adding my other greetings card collections. To take a look, just click here.



British sealife | Four


I’m just back from a lovely few days of camping in Dorset, where we spent our time swimming in the sea and trekking along the beautiful Jurassic coastline.

Snorkelling around the shallow rocky ledges, we saw pink and green anemones waving about and dozens of sea hares happily munching away on seaweed. Judging from the lobster pots too, there were probably a few lobsters lurking around the depths keeping well away from inquisitive swimmers.

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