Self-portrait with paintbrush

selfportraitpaintbrushI just came across this exhibition currently on at the V&A, celebrating contemporary portraiture. They even make mention of the way we present a portrait of ourselves through our passport photographs, which ties in rather nicely with my passport project– very timely indeed! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see this before the exhibition ends in April.

Sticking to the theme of portraiture for this week’s post, here I am showing off my fine, sable, paintbrush moustache.

Passport photos | Seven

This week’s passport drawings are of Nicholas, Foo, Me and Joe. I’ve still got a backlog of passport photos that people have sent in, so thanks for being patient.

I spent today photographing some recent work and generally getting things ready to put online- soon there will be a whole new snazzy section to this blog, so keep yer eyes peeled!

Passport photos | Five

Here are the latest batch of passport portraits. From left to right: Foo, Carla, Hollie and…can you guess? Yep, its me. Two years old, spaced out, and having my first passport photo taken. I imagine the conversation between my parents would have gone like this:

April: Did you get the passport photographs?

Peri: Yeh, here they are.

April: What?! She looks like a boy!

Peri: Well, I had to do something with her hair.

April: So you did this?

Passport photos | Three

Here are this week’s passport drawings. From left to right we have Emily, Andy, Foo and me again. This week I’ve reached 20 drawings (and yes quite a lot of those are of myself) and it seems likely I’ll be doing plenty more. If you want me to draw your passport photo too, have a read of this post first and then all you have to do is email me a scan or photograph of your passport photo at info at persephone-coelho dot com.

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