New Online Shop Coming Soon!

January came and went in a bit of a blur and I realise that a blog post is now long overdue. I’ve been finding it somewhat harder to document my progress lately, since I’ve mainly been concentrating on the less-creative sides to running a business, but here’s a brief update of what’s been happening:

Most notably, I’m excited to announce that my website is having a bit of a facelift and will soon be magically transformed into a swanky online shop! This is a big step forward for the running of my business and I’m hopeful that the new-improved look will be a lot more enjoyable to use. I can’t wait to hear what your think!

To get the online shop looking tip-top, I’ve also been doing battle with one of my nemesis- the dreaded entity that is product photography! This has to be one of my least favourite parts to running an online business and one that I’m continually frustrated by, but after looking at a lot of youtube tutorials I decided to get on and build myself a light box! This low-tech creation turns out to be a great way to get photos to look a lot more snazzy and can be made from just a few pieces of white card, some tissue paper, two LED lamps and some masking tape.  So after spending a blissful afternoon listening to Cerys Matthews and cutting and sticking, I’m now ready to take on the challenge of re-photographing all my cards.

So all-in-all, you can expect to see a few changes around here in the coming weeks.

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