Send me your passport photos!

If you want to get involved in one of my projects and end up with a free custom portrait of yourself then this post is for you, and even if you’re unsure, you might be persuaded by the time you read to the end!

Everybody has a passport photo of themselves -probably more than one- that was needed either for a passport, a driver’s license or some other form of ID. The chances are it was taken in one of those booths you get at train stations or at a high-street shop. Either way, they are always the same format- four identical photos against a white backdrop with the subject staring blankly out at us, unsmiling.

And the reason this interests me? I kept thinking about all these miniature portraits of people taken throughout their lives showing us a tiny snapshot of themselves, and I started to imagine drawing all of them!

So this is where you come in. I’m looking for passport photos to draw and I need yours.

All you need to do to take part, is scan or photograph your passport photo (or similar photo taken for a driver’s license or whatever) and send it to me at: info at persephone-coelho dot com along with your name. In return, I will send you a free high-res file of your mini portrait which you can use for whatever purpose you like (eg. your internet avatar, profile picture, or business card etc.) I will also publish your portrait on my blog and keep the original drawing for my portfolio. I won’t publish your photos or show them to anyone else and I won’t laugh at them or steal your identity! Once I’ve drawn them, I’ll delete the photos from my computer.

Even if you hate your passport photo- and mine is definitely not flattering so I totally understand that- they can still make for interesting drawings so be brave and send them in! They don’t have to be recent photos, so if you have an old photo as well as a current one, send them both in and you’ll get two portraits!

If this turns out to be a success and I get lots of photos submitted, I might consider making a print of all the portraits so help me spread the word and let’s get as many people to send their pictures in as possible!

Thank you in advance!


  1. Speaking as one of ‘the brave’ I have to admit that my photo – transformed- into – a- drawing has been good a good experience as I don’t look quite so grim as I do in my passport. I would be willing to try it again!

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