The little things

As today slips towards evening, I’m trying to turn my thoughts to the year ahead and work out what the heck I’m supposed to do next. No easy task, and one that’d be made a lot easier if I didn’t have to keep stopping to blow my nose and cough every five seconds. Having had the most persistent cold for the last week and a half, I now find myself back in Bristol with a dwindling supply of tissues and my head full of snot. Not the start to 2017 I’d have chosen.

Today has been a slow, recovering sort of day, picking up the threads of the old year and tidying them away. In between inhaling copious amounts of olbas oil, I’ve hoovered my studio (or living room as Robin insists on calling it) and actually cleaned the surface of my desk after stripping away the piles of paper and bits of old blue tack that tend to accumulate. My paintbrushes are even enjoying a spa treatment after being washed, dried and massaged with gingko and jojoba conditioner (and if that sounds strange to you, that’s because it is). That being done, I decided to have a good long coughing fit and then try to focus once again on the business of taking stock, and generally thinking about the year to come.

But it’s hard to think about the big stuff when right now, I’m just looking forward to being able to breath through my nose again, let alone set any SMART goals. So, two hot water bottles and god-knows-how-many tissues later, I decided to try again tomorrow. Until then, I’m going to revel in the little things, the everyday pleasures that make a disproportionate difference to how we feel and help us get through days when you think you’re drowning in snot.

These are my own little moments of hygge from today, which will no doubt be different to yours and everybody else’s. They are:

Seeing the frost patterns on car bonnets, cutting my fringe, starting a new book, turning on the fairy lights after dark, catching up on a bit of Woman’s Hour, anticipating playing my new Jim Moray cd.

Big they are not, but by taking more notice of them, these are the sorts of little things that are going to help me through the snottier parts of 2017.

So I wish you all health, happiness and above all clear nasal passages in the year ahead.

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